The first time that Jean saw Angus was at a gig for seminal art noise shit-bags, Combover. With his long dark hair and over-sized coat, Jean thought, “Who is this Richard Lewis wannabe?”

From that moment on, Jean continued to spot Angus around Melbourne - on trams, at art galleries and local eateries. Was the universe trying to tell her something?

Angus remembers Jean as the “cranky old bitch” that he met at the East Brunswick Club. Accompanied by his young friend Barwise, Angus was bemused by the woman, who questioned their age and general authenticity as music fans, as only an obnoxious music nerd can.

Little did Angus know that this wasn’t going to be last time that he’d encounter the crank…

Quality Time with Jean & Angus is a podcast about a unique friendship forged through a love of music and pop culture.

Angus and Jean invite you to take a peek into their world as they squabble and sweat over the small things- and invite some fantastic guests along the way.